How a Jalapeño Sauce Should Taste

The All Natural Everything Condiment

The Green Sauce is a fantastic all natural jalapeno sauce. It has no preservatives, no added sugar and is gluten free.

THE GREEN SAUCE is The All Natural Condiment that will add zest and flavor to anything you add it to. The sauce has been in the family for 25 years...sauce. We love it on everything from eggs to burgers and chicken, even to rice. You can get creative, and add it to your chopped meat, or potato salad, you can even mix it into soups.

Spread it on steak, chicken, or fish. Use it with rice, bread, or as a dip. THE GREEN SAUCE is a wonderfully zesty condiment Joanne has tinkered with. The sauce has been in the family for 25 years and we have tweaked and refined the recipe to ensure that it is finally the perfect jalapeño sauce.

We brought it along to BBQs, tailgate parties, and other special events for folks to try and they loved it. THE GREEN SAUCE is completely wholesome and fat-free.

All Natural

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Enjoy a jalapeño sauce like no other. THE GREEN SAUCE has been a family-kept favorite that is now available to everyone. Made from natural ingredients, our special condiment contains no sugar and no preservatives. THE GREEN SAUCE is available in our popular 12-ounce bottle. Order your supply today.



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